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The patient will be encouraged to become more involved in their own care process by using telehealth.

OpenTeleHealth amplifies the staff/patient ratio to allow the clinical team to treat more patients along best practice evidence guidelines. A nurse can process an average of 50 patients per hour.

By using the telehealth platform you will expand the geographical reach of a clinical team from an (enterprise) facility into the community and patient’s homes.

The platform allows GPs, nurses and hospital specialists to collaborate in the care delivery.

Clinical overview screen

OpenTeleHealth is a universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform. Citizens can measure health data at home using an APP and a wide range of medical measurement devices. Doctors and nurses can access patient data from a web portal. The overview screen lets you see and access all your patients’ health data. Color coded Notification will indicate if action is required. Analyze - Review - Intervene.

Patient graph

You can access the patient’s health data and see all completed questionnaires, graphs and tables, together with the patient’s completed measurement. You can also communicate directly to the patient using messages or texts, and you can invite the patient to a virtual video consultation.


The clinical workflow lets you create custom workflow for your patient groups. The workflow simulates a doctor-patient consultations with questions and measurements. The patient will access the questionnaire on the patient APP on his tablet or phone. We offer a turnkey solution with built-in (and customizable) clinical protocols so you can get started today.


The platform allows you to create and set thresholds for patient groups (default) and individual patients. Thresholds can be relative (percentage) to existing data. If one of a patient’s thresholds are exceeded, a color coded notification will indicate, that action is required. The color coded notification will be shown in the overview screen. Notifications can also be triggered by patient answers to questions.


The telehealth platform consists of


– A web portal for the clinician, allowing healthcare professionals to design interactions, receive measurements and answers, as well as view and analyze patient health data. This will enable you to assure a correct intervention on the patient’s behalf if necessary, but it will also allow you to initiate video consultations with the patient.

– A reference APP for the patient, which uses a unique clinical workflow to guide the patient through capturing measurements, and providing diagnostic answers, as well as describing symptoms. (Source code available for premium partners)

– A large variety of connected measurement devices.

– A central data repository with IHE-XDS, HL7-CDA, and REST interfaces.

– OpenTeleHealth supports secure data exchanges between relevant entities, and can provide operational management necessary to implement and use the solution.

– The platform provide open interfaces, allowing Apps to be build externally and integrated to OpenTeleHealth. It also allow EHR/EMR providers the ability to access data, and actively push users and patients into OpenTeleHealth with the purpose doing RPM, with master data residing locally in the EMR/EHR.



OpenTeleHealth is a universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform. Citizens can measure health data at home using an APP and a wide range of medical measurement devices. Doctors and nurses can access patient data from a web portal.

The telehealth platform is simple and scalable, and supports single or multiple long-term conditions at a low, affordable price, even with large populations. The platform is effective in remote patient monitoring and manage many conditions, including Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Hypertension, Asthma, Pregnancy and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

Clinical protocols can be tailored to every need, and OpenTeleHealth provides patient context along with measured health vitals, using a unique clinical workflow concept. As a remote patient monitoring company OpenTeleHealth has recently been recognized as a huge success in Denmark, where it is now part of the Danish national standards in healthcare IT.

If you would like to know more about our remote patient monitoring company and solutions you are welcome to request a free demonstration of OpenTeleHealth.



Discover an easy way to empower and give efficient care to your (remote) patients. With this turnkey telehealth solution, you can get started today – start tracking your patients’ health data in no time. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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