Breaking new barriers in OpenTeleHealth

12 December 2016


Latest release of OpenTeleHealth empowers doctors, clinicians, healthcare institutions and foundations, to implement fully automated assessment test like COPD assessment test, Diabetes risk assessment, Asthma compliance and many other algorithms.

Combined with a large number of preexisting programmed data-acquisition schemes – this latest addition to the clinicians’ pathway programming tool – allows for autonomous self-assessment schemes to be completed and deployed utilising only the clinical resources already present in the organisation.

The clinicians’ pathway programming tool enables interaction with the patient in such a way that the pathway branches dynamically depending on which thresholds are triggered, as well as branching on summarised multiple-choice scores like CAT score or Asthma assessment.

This gives the responsible doctor great opportunity to control detailed interaction and make sure that intervention is based on exact conditions that trigger notifications, as well as branch to specific questions and measurements based on the nature of the trigger.

Additional branching can be programmed on multiple choice components, and even series of questions that sums up a score like Diabetes risk assessment, or COPD assessment (CAT score) and many others.

Additionally, thresholds can be based on measurements values that are relative to highest or lowest previous measured values!
This allow the clinician to forego individual thresholds to some extent, as a certain relative deviation can be allowed, before notifications are triggered.