OpenTeleHealth was developed as a part of a government-funded national project in Denmark, and as a result the mobile health platform is now part of the Danish national standards in healthcare IT. As part of the project, succes stories and excellent patient outcomes have been documented by Aarhus University Hospital. We are glad to make OpenTeleHealth commercially available worldwide, as a very affordable secure cloud-based service.

Our vision:
We can and will change the way healthcare is provided, and enable healthcare to reach people where ever they are.
We want to deploy OTH services all over the world:
– As an efficient screening tool
– For remote monitoring
– As early screening for pregnancies
– For daily monitoring of Diabetics, COPD, CHF
– General health screening in refugee camps with large groups of people

contact us

Henrik L. Ibsen



Mobile: +45 30 70 11 55

Jan Aage Røtnes

Regional Manager, Scandinavia


Mobile: +47 928 03 000

Thomas Ravnholt



Mobile: +45 24 25 42 27

Claus Nielsen

Regional Sales Director, South East Asia, UAE, Qatar


Mobile: +45 31 75 45 46 / + 66641870587