Forbes: Hard for doctors to ignore Telemedicine

12 December 2016


The remote patient monitoring and telemedicine market is huge and will increase fast over the next years. In Denmark the use of telemedicine has lowered hospital re-admission rates and increased patient satisfaction. Patients are empowered by monitoring their own health closely and telemedicine enables patients to manage their own health by taking action and thus avoiding hospital re-admissions.

Last week Forbes posted an article written by Todd Hixon about the future of telemedicine. Hixon states that telemedicine will happen, because people demand easier and more cost effective treatment.

<em>”Compelling evidence shows that telemedicine does work for a wide range of conditions if the process is structured in a smart way. And the health care system will only get better at utilizing telemedicine. Better software platforms to manage telemedicine and changes to the patient interaction process, e.g. making it more asynchronous, promise improvements. Entrepreneurs and startups are leading the way here.” Tom Hixon contributur in Forbes Magazine. “Will Telemedicine change Healthcare or prove to be another venture fad.”

Hixon also states that telemedicine will enable doctors and clinician to discover patients’ health problems earlier than before by using telemedicine. He also speaks about the efficiency of telemedicine and how entrepreneurs will provide the software service:

“Telemedicine will be integrated into core provider practices: primary, specialty, and tertiary. They need it for efficiency, care coordination, and increased visibility into patient status away from the clinic. Entrepreneurs will provide software platforms to enable this, such as OpenTeleHealth.” Todd Hixon.

Read the full article on Telemedicine in Forbes here.