Million investment in OTH

14 October 2015


We are happy to announce that SEED Capital, Insero and Welfare Tech Invest have jointly invested in OpenTeleHealth by nearly DKK 10 million. The investment is enabling OpenTeleHealth to grow their market world wide and penetrate the telemedicine market internationally.

Henrik Ibsen, CEO of OpenTeleHealth, states: We have already come a long way with OpenTeleHealth in Denmark, and with this capital injection from SEED Capital, WTI and Insero, we now have the opportunity to take the next steps and move further outside Denmark. In the US alone for instance, there is a potential for remote monitoring equivalent to $2400 billion – a month.

With this investment we are looking forward to collaborate with SEED Capital, Insero and WTI.

Mads Rasmussen, new Chairman of the Board in OpenTeleHealth and Investment Director at Welfare Tech Invest, comments on the basis for the investment; “There is no doubt that the market for remote monitoring and telemedicine is huge – and it will only increase over the next several years. OpenTeleHealth is well positioned in the market, and at SEED Capital, WTI and Insero we all see the opportunity to fulfil a lot of potential with this investment. The possibility for large scale export of Danish technology is definitely present, and we look forward to help make it happen.