A user-friendly turnkey solution

Change the way you care for patients – The large scale mobile health solution will empower you and your business.

We offer a turnkey solution that will empower you as a clinician or healthcare professional, and optimize your interactions with even massive groups of patients!

With the built in protocols you can get started immediately! You will be provided with the unique OpenTeleHealth software, that will allow you to piggyback on our combined experience. You can start today by using existing protocols that have been created by clinicians in Scandinavia over the last four years, and in addition, we will help you find someone to take care of the device logistics involved.

You will be empowered to operate and utilize the powerful configuration tool to create the exact patient pathway, to get the data flow you need from your clients and patients.

We will help you supply the patients with the bluetooth connected medical devices they need – and the platform also supports utilization of unconnected devices already in use, to allow an even faster roll out!

The platform is simple, scalable and standardized – and available at a very affordable price due to international volume scaling.

Accessibility and availability is secured through the best cloud technology available, and configuration is done as to ensure protection of sensitive data.

The solution supports multiple languages and can easily support any language you need.

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A simple and powerful platform

The software will enable doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals to easily monitor citizens’ health data. Review – Analyze – Intervene!

With our user-friendly design you can easily see and analyze all your patients’ health data. Track their trends and see what have triggered notifications, set up thresholds, assign questionnaires, message and text your patient, and initiate video consultation if needed.

The platform is simple yet powerful, and it will let you care for your patients – with ease.

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