How it works

Clinical Overview Screen
Patient Graph

OpenTeleHealth is a universal cloud-based remote health measurement platform. Citizens can measure health data at home using an APP and a wide range of medical measurement devices. Doctors and nurses can access patient data from a web portal. The overview screen lets you see and access all your patients’ health data. Color coded notifications will indicate if action is required. Analyse – Review – Intervene.

You can access the patient’s health data and see all completed questionnaires, graphs and tables, together with the patient’s completed measurement. You can also communicate directly to the patient using messages or texts, and you can invite the patient to a virtual video consultation.

The OpenTeleHealth clinical workflow lets you create custom workflow for your patient groups. The workflow simulates an doctor-patient consultation with questions and measurements. The patient will access the questionnaire on the patient APP on his tablet or phone. We offer a turnkey solution with built in clinical protocols for your convenience.

The platform allows you to create and set thresholds for patient groups (default) and individual patients. Thresholds can be relative (percentage) to existing data. If one of a patient’s thresholds are exceeded, a color coded notification will indicate, that action is required. The color coded notification will show up on the overview screen. Notifications can also be triggered by patient answers to questions.


The OpenTeleHealth software is a telemedicine solution for doctors, healthcare professionals, health clinics, hospitals and businesses aiming to provide remote care for citizens and patients.

The web portal is the healthcare professional’s doorway to interact with patients in their homes. Doctors will receive patients’ health data and start tracking their trends immediately. The doctor can access advanced health data through the web portal, where he can review, analyze and intervene on patients’ data and monitor all his patients and patient groups.

This unique telemedicine software will allow doctors to collect the patient’s health data through a clinical workflow or protocol, that is created and/or customized by the doctor in the web portal. It is presented in the user-friendly patient APP for the patient to carry out. The workflow simulates a doctor-patient consultation. The software is available with built in standard clinical protocols for major conditions – which allows a fast implementation and roll out.

As a telemedicine provider we also support direct interaction through the use of real-time video, messages and texts. You can now easily provide care for your patients with the OpenTeleHealth telemedicine and e-health software.


The user-friendly tablet APP lets the patient manage their own health. The clinical workflow is displayed as a questionnaire that simulates a doctor-patient consultation. Situated at home the patient is asked questions regarding their condition and symptoms and the patient is requested to carry out health measurements using medical measurement devices. The medical devices are connected through Bluetooth, USB or Internet.

The OpenTeleHealth solution web portal and patient APP is simple to use for both healthcare professionals and patients, which allows scalability. As a telemedicine provider OpenTeleHealth can empower you and add value to your business. We will reinforce your daily workflow using the OpenTeleHealth platform as a telemedicine service / ehealth solution / ehealthcare solutions.