Revolutionary results – telehealth and alcoholism

27 June 2017


A pilot project in Finland shows revolutionary results in citizens recovering from alcoholism.

80% of the citizens enrolled was successful in their fight against alcoholism. These citizens suffered from serious co-morbidities with drug abuse, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, etc. But with the use of OpenTeleHealth these citizens experienced patient empowerment; participating in their own health and recovery and being able to see their own progress with the use of the user friendly patient app.

It will be a great financial benefit to the public healthcare sector in Finland if they choose to fight alcoholism and drug abuse with telehealth large scale.

If used on citizens in the age 65 and older, savings would run up to 16 mio. EUR a year.

If used on all citizens with alcohol problems and co-morbidities, savings would double up to 30 mio. EUR a year.

For example it was recently published that alcoholism cost 13 billion a year in treatment, benefits, accidents and lost earnings alone in Denmark. This could be greatly reduced if telehealth was used – great financial savings and reduction in hospital admissions in alcohol treatment and co-morbidities.

OpenTeleHealth can be used for many different conditions and diseases. Please visit our “Field of Application” page to see a list of some of the application areas. Please note that OpenTeleHealth is flexible and adaptable to almost any condition and disease.

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Finnish article on the pilot project:

Sydänpysähdyksen saanut Jukka Virtanen mittaa itse terveysarvonsa ja lähettää ne ammattilaisille

Danish articles on the cost of alcoholism: 

Alkohol koster samfundet 13 milliarder om året. 

Alkoholmisbrug koster nordjyderne 62 millioner kroner om året.